Special Education Program.

In the Special Needs Program, we welcome volunteers who are interested in offering time and support in assisting children who require special education.
* Special education is a branch of education that supports persons who need support to cope with the mainstream curriculum as laid down in most schools, or who need a modified curriculum.
* Teaching methods must be adapted to suit the needs of these persons.
* It is therefore necessary to plan individually for each person in accordance with the diversity of their needs.
* Therapists are involved in rehabilitation to stimulate the overall development (motor, cognitive, language, social, visual and auditory) and to enhance the potential of the person.


* Behavioral Disorders
* Communication Disorders
* Hearing Impairments
* Learning Difficulties
* Mentally Challenged
* Multiple Handicaps
* Visual Impairments
* Physically Challenged
* Gifted and Talented Persons
* Other handicaps such as social and emotional disturbance

An individual may fall in one or more of these categories.
The establishments that Volunteers Without Borders intends to support but is not entirely limited offer Volunteer Placement are St Oda school for the Blind/Maseno in Siaya County.This is a school for the visually impaired in Siaya County that offers vocational training.Another is Heshima Children’s Center in Nairobi among others.