Volunteers In Service To Kenya (VISTK)

Volunteers In Service To Kenya (VISTK) is a volunteer program designed for residents and Kenyan Nationals. The program also incorporates the use of individuals who may have been in the country on a long term or permanent basis. The participants of this program are able to more flexibly indulge themselves in the works of the VWB given that they are more conversant with they Kenyan way of living and the terrain. It is advisable to apply under this program if you are currently living in Kenya at the time of your application. You will be highly favored by cost deductions since food, accommodation and transportation are met by oneself during the time of engagement.

  • In this program one may still engage in visiting the sick in hospital
  • providing care and teaching in childrens homes
  • Afforestation  e.g planting of trees in the semi arid areas of Kenya’s country side in Siaya County (Bar’ olengu near Kogello)
  • Joining Friends Of Nairobi Aboretum (FONA) Network
  • Joining the Friends of Nairobi National Park (FNNP)
  • Helping the street boy rehab  program in Joseph Kange’the Childrens Home in Woodley Area Near Kibera Nairobi.
  • Assisting in administrative tasks at the VWB offices in Nairobi.