Women's Empowerment Opportunity

VWB combines the efforts of volunteers, interns and donors to sustain women empowerment programs in Nairobi, Mombasa and Siaya counties to;-
Offer vocational training, hold group therapy sessions, and cultivate various self-help groups that support the emotional and economic stability of households run by children, widows, and single parents.
Educate young women on their rights, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health concerns through direct school visits and participatory educational theater.
VWB will aid the development of micro-enterprises by offering basic business skills workshops and helping to cultivate lending and savings programs for potential borrowers.
Train female students to be peer educators at their schools and within their communities to disseminate information about rights, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and other social/health issues.
Provide counseling, nursing, and activities (such as craft and art-making) at a hospice for elderly and in-firmed nuns who have dedicated their lives to serving the local community and have few resources or family to support themselves.